Kalvin joined the ESS/Boortmalt team in Buckie, Scotland as a 17-year-old apprentice (way back in 2015) and last month became the first-ever ESS apprentice to graduate in the UK.

He is a highly respected member of the team and we celebrated his achievements with a presentation (“the journey is only beginning”) and lunch at Boortmalt’s plant in Buckie.

Many thanks to Boormalt too for their forward thinking and for the vision that allows us to work together to develop apprentices for the strategic growth of both our organisations. We were delighted that the Chief Operations Officer of Boortmalt Group, Peter Nallen was able to attend on the day not only in recognition of Kalvin’s achievement but also of the strength of the partnership which is now in its 28th year between ESS and Boortmalt. ESS/Eirdata Group remains committed to the continuation of our apprenticeship program in both Ireland and the UK and we currently have six other apprentices working for the ESS group at various stages of their training.

Colin McArthur, ESS Group Customer Performance Manager.

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