Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, in his address to the nation on Friday 19th June when urging us to assess the risks, specifically highlighed poorly ventilated environments.

“This accelerated reopening is contingent on businesses and individuals being responsible for theirs’ and others’ safety. Varadkar emphasised that people consider four things in assessing their risk, nicknamed ‘DATE’:

Distance: The public is being asked to stay two metres away from others where possible

Activity: Wash their hands and wear face coverings in crowded places

Time: Be conscious of the length of time they spend with another person

Environment: Bear in mind that poorly-ventilated environments are riskier spaces than outdoors.


If you need to assess the Environmental risks in your workspace, the Eirdata Indoor Air Quality assessment not only includes for testing to the European standard for ventilation, EN13779, it also includes for a hi level survey of ventilation systems including any AHU’s and in room equipment to assess current fresh air supply and recirculation operating patterns. #Eirdata #Cleanair #IAQ #backtoworkprotocols #poor ventilation