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How Ventilation affects your Indoor Air Quality, makes your workplace healthier and reduces the risk of Covid 19 transmission, in association with Eirdata. Eirdata undertakes

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), also known as Indoor Environmental Quality, is now recognised as an integral contributing factor toward employee wellness, health and safety.

A Key factor impacting IAQ is Increased Ventilation and with regard to Covid19, CIBSE state that evidence continues to suggest that in poorly ventilated indoor spaces airborne aerosols are a possible transmission route and the main principle of the ventilation advice is to ventilate spaces as much as reasonably possible with outdoor air.

If ventilation systems do not achieve and maintain the required standards there can be consequences, ranging from decreases in productivity and performance levels to increased health risks.

We invite you to take part in an Engineers Journal Insights Survey, to gather valuable market intelligence and insights to the issues and trends around ventilation and indoor air quality. The results will be published and shared on Engineers Journal to help inform and educate Engineers Ireland members.

The survey