Continual, Remote, Indoor Air Monitoring for your workspace/classroom.

Now, as we’ve all seen on RTE , the latest group concerned (and rightly so) about ventilation (or lack of it!) in their workspace are the teachers and students in our schools and colleges up and down the country. They were very vocal in their concern at the Oireachtas Education Committee on Nov 19th stating  “It is now increasingly clear from the science that ventilation is a crucial part of the equation when it comes to managing infection in schools” and calling for the Guidance on Non-Healthcare Building Ventilation during COVID-19 from the HSE’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre to be implemented.  This Guidance states “ Consider installing an indoor air quality (IAQ) meter in each classroom that relies on natural ventilation”

Eirdata provides continual, always on, remote Indoor Air Monitoring to ensure that the Indoor Air Quality/ventilation in your workspace/school/college is not impairing respiratory health in the people there.

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