13 December 2021

Eirdata has partnered with Airthings for Business, a sensor manufacturer in Norway, introducing innovative technology in Ireland that can calculate virus risk in the workplace or office. Eirdata supplies accredited, wireless air quality sensors to remotely monitor and improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency and save time.
Commenting on the new partnership, Bernard Yore, Group CEO, Eirdata Ltd & ESS Ltd said’, The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of good indoor air quality and the need to understand virus risks. Our sensors are small and can fit unobtrusively within any room or office area and remote monitoring is simple. They collect data on CO², VOC, radon, particulate, temperature, humidity, light, noise, occupancy and can calculate virus and mold risk. This provides real-time access to information needed to optimise air quality in a building, all secure in a cloud-based network. Our customers access a user-friendly private dashboard to view the data. They receive email alerts when action is needed and receive tips based on their current air quality whilst receiving reports providing expert analysis on how to control the air quality in buildings. Building Management Systems can also be linked via easy API setup. We supply QR codes at each sensor and we can set up a public dashboard in a building with TV screens so anyone can read the current air quality in the building”.
Tommy Rice, General Manager, Eirdata is a leading expert on indoor air quality and added, “We are delighted to be working with Airthings for Business and to be able to bring these innovative indoor air quality sensors to the Irish market and our clients. We have been specialising in indoor air quality assessments for over 10 years, covering buildings of all sizes in 10 countries and 20 cities across the EU. We are working with facility managers, business owners and office managers to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of their tenants, colleagues, visitors or students. We also use the data on air quality to make buildings more sustainable, whilst reducing operating costs at the same time. Most importantly it’s all about people being well”.
Gustaf Folkmar, Business Development Manager, Ireland at Airthings for Business said, “We are really excited about this partnership, and together with Eirdata we are looking forward to growing our footprint in Ireland. Eirdata has extensive experience in indoor air quality, a very impressive market presence and is an ideal Airthings for Business partner in the Irish market”.

Munster Technological University (MTU) recently purchased and installed over 250+ air quality sensors across the University. Commenting on this decision, Conor O’Neill, Technical Officer, Buildings and Estates said,
“Eirdata installed the sensors in our lecture rooms, laboratories etc. The easy-to-use dashboard provides real-time data from all the sensors. Staff and students find it reassuring to know that ventilation systems are effective as indicated by colour coded illumination of the wall mounted sensors. In naturally ventilated rooms, the sensor colours prompt occupants to open windows. We use the automatic alerts feature to notify us when temperature or CO2 is outside expected limits. One of the attractive features of the platform is how easily data can be routed into other systems such as building energy management systems. This will allow us to better control heating and ventilation systems optimising occupant comfort and energy efficiency. The Eirdata system is a game changer for us in terms of knowing how our buildings are performing in providing data that we can use to make better decisions to ensure the comfort and safety of our staff and students.”

Eirdata have introduced a new commercial package which is available to purchase online. This introductory kit provides 5 sensors and one-year full monitoring service. Customised packages are also available for local authorities, colleges, schools, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and homeowners with discounts offered on bulk purchases. Details can be found at
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Lucy O’Donoghue, Lucy O’Donoghue Consulting, T: 087 2904282 / E:
Photo attached by Brian Lougheed of Bernard Yore and Tommy Rice.

About Eirdata:
Eirdata are specialists in cleanroom validation, commissioning and compliance, HVAC Systems, indoor air quality & building wellness. Employing 30 people in Ireland and 20 years in business, they provide these services to the pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical devices, education healthcare and business sectors.
Eirdata is part of the ESS group. The company headquarters is based at the Rubicon Centre, Cork with offices in Dublin and Limerick.