Tommy Rice is an engineering graduate with experience in several industries including Semiconductor, Pharma and food and beverage. Starting his career at Intel, Tommy spent 12 enjoyable years in Leixlip before transitioning into Indoor Air Quality Industry. This led him to join in Eirdata in 2015 as lead engineer and has since become General Manager.

Recently Eirdata partnered with Airthings for business, an Indoor Air Quality monitor manufacturer in Norway, to introduce innovative technology in Ireland that can calculate virus risk in the workplace or office. Eirdata now supplies accredited, wireless air quality sensors to remotely monitor and improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency and save time. Tommy is leading this partnership by driving Eirdata’s Indoor air quality monitoring system to help keep our clients in line with new and emerging recommendations. This helps to create a safe environment for building occupants and show them that you’re prioritizing their health.

Tommy believes Eirdata’s 2021 “big wins” were adapting to the challenges COVID19 brought

We have been specialising in indoor air quality assessments for over 10 years, covering buildings of all sizes in 10 countries and 20 cities across the EU. Covid presented new challenges for our existing customers as well as increasing demand from new clients wishing to understand their Indoor Air Quality and ventilation environment. This increased demand for our services led us to research for an innovative solution to the evolving market demands. This led us to Airthings.”

Furthermore, the part Eirdata played during strenuous COVID19 restrictions will always be a memorable career moment.

“Our team have provided essential solutions to the healthcare industry to ensure that front line workers had as safe an environment to work in as possible. Our team saw this as their contribution to battle against Covid and was their way to help keep people safe.”

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