Client Overview:

Materion is an advanced materials company, their advanced materials are built into your mobile devices, the planes and automobiles you travel in and the medical equipment that supports good health. Materion enable high technology solutions that drive energy production, telecommunications advancement and aerospace exploration. Founded in 1931, Materion deliver solutions from 32 locations around the world. In Limerick Materion operates three cleanrooms within its facilities, vital for maintaining stringent quality standards. Materion partnered with Eirdata to optimise their cleanroom operations for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



The cleanrooms, purchased second-hand, required consistent maintenance and upgrades to meet evolving industry standards. Materion faced the challenge of balancing operational efficiency with cost considerations, especially with cleanrooms operating 24/7.


Collaborative Approach:

In 2016, Materion partnered with Eirdata, a trusted provider of cleanroom solutions, to address their cleanroom challenges. Under the guidance of Kieran McDermott, Maintenance Manager at Materion, and utilising Eirdata’s expertise, a strategic plan was devised.


Solution Implemented:

One of the key solutions proposed by Eirdata was the installation of EC fans to improve room pressure control and reduce operating costs. A comprehensive feasibility study was conducted, analysing AHU and room operating requirements to size suitable replacement EC fans.


Measurable Outcomes:

The collaboration yielded promising results. By implementing EC fans, Materion anticipates annual energy savings of over 100,000 kWh. These significant energy savings not only enhanced operational efficiency and reduced Materion’s CO2 footprint but also contributed to the bottom line.


Feedback and Company Impact:

The favourable outcomes of the collaboration were shared across Materion’s global network, garnering attention for potential savings in other facilities. The success story underscores the value of strategic partnerships in driving operational excellence and cost savings.

Aligning with ESG Goals:

Looking forward to 2024, Materion is committed to furthering its sustainability initiatives. Plans are underway to overhaul smaller cleanrooms with EC HEPA FFU’s, aligning with Materion’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.


Future Collaboration:

Building on the success of their partnership, Materion intends to continue collaborating with Eirdata to maintain and enhance their cleanroom facilities. The enduring partnership reflects the mutual commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence.



Materion’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic collaborations in optimising cleanroom operations. By leveraging Eirdata’s expertise and innovative solutions, Materion achieves substantial cost savings while advancing its sustainability objectives. The partnership underscores the power of synergy in driving operational excellence and future growth.


Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic partnerships can drive operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Innovative solutions like EC fans can significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • Aligning initiatives with ESG goals contributes to sustainable business practices.
  • Continued collaboration fosters long-term success and mutual growth.


About Materion:

Materion is an advanced materials supplier, their materials make your world better by enabling technologies to provide a safer, more sustainable future.


About Eirdata:

Established in 2001, Eirdata has a team of over 40 people specializing in cleanroom validation, commissioning & compliance, HVAC Systems, Indoor Air Quality and Building Wellness. In addition, as we are part of the ESS Group, Eirdata can call on a broad range of multi-skilled Craftsperson’s & Engineers within the ESS group of Companies. Eirdata have long term relationships with multiple clients across Ireland, due to an excellent reputation in industry with strong client bases in the pharmaceutical, medical device & healthcare industry.