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We work with people to implement and carry out maintenance and asset management and also to optimise performance. We believe that it is people that make things work and only through training people and supporting them is anything sustained and improved.

June 2020

Field hospital with 68 beds opens on the grounds of the University of Limerick (and Eirdata are proud to say we had a tiny bit to do with making that happen!) Together…we are beating it.

April 2020. IAQ – Indoor Air Quality

Where could you save $6500 per person today? A tidy sum. Well, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has calculated that value ($6500) as the positive change in a typical office worker’s [...]

April 2020 Behind every good person is another

In the Covid19 pandemic, we are all so thankful to the healthcare professionals on the front line dealing with the patients. As the old saying goes, behind every good person is another and we are [...]

Eirdata Ltd partnering with ENVAIR

Eirdata/ESSLtd are delighted to announce that we are now representing Envair Ltd in Ireland. Eirdata Environmental Services Ltd. have offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Providing Sales and routine servicing for the entire ENVAIR product [...]

Rubicon Centre Open Evening

Bernard, Brian and Tommy of Eirdata and ESS supporting the Rubicon Centre Open Evening at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) which takes place on Wednesday, 12 February from 5-7pm.  In-house experts and Rubicon clients will [...]